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Business Insurance

Business insurance services with Insurance Cover Spain

Business insurance services with Insurance Cover SpainIf you are self-employed or a business owner, small or large scale then business insurance is for you. Even more so if you have an office, warehouse, logistics centre with or without staff.

We were surprised to find out, during our research that, many small businesses do not tend to take out business insurance. This in part, is due to the fact that it is not mandatory to have in Spain in most instances. We found that particularly in the instances of rented offices, small estate agencies and those offices without employees tend to skip taking out such covers.

Business insurance sounds a little ambiguous, the name alone does not actually tell you much about its purpose and scope of coverage. Let us explain a little about our expat business insurance services provided by Caser Seguros.

With our Caser Comercio Connect policies, you get a lot of cover, for little money. The primary aspect of these insurances is of course protection for your business’s location. Whether you own the unit your business is set up in or not, you should adequately cover the building, or at least the contents and people within it. We offer different options tailored to your activity and the type of location you are in.

There is a common misconception about rented units in Spain, where the assumption is always that the owner of the property will have insurance to cover your business and the contents within it, that isn’t always the case, however. Speaking purely about the building and its contents, the owner will most likely only have their actual building insured for damages, if at all. It falls to you to insure the equipment you may have, the furniture you own, as well as cover for potential water, fire and most importantly, theft.

Expat businesses all over Spain have had a rough time in the past few years due to the pandemic, but also in part due to Brexit and the restrictions that came along with them both. Many people suffered losses due to being unaware of certain restrictions or not being adequately made aware of how to work in these climates. For this reason, we offer not only commercial assistance services but also courses on business and personal advisers to help you navigate anything and everything that comes your way, allowing your business to continue to thrive, and not missing out on key information from the Spanish word of business, especially if you are not well versed in the Spanish language.

Do I need business insurance?

Do I need business insurance?The question is less about need, as you are not always legally obliged to have insurance for your premises, depending on your activity and licencing. It’s more a question of protecting your business, the equipment you have potentially any stock you may keep, as that is where your true expenses lie. If something were to happen to your content, such as damages due to flooding, fire or even if you are broken into and have items stolen, without being adequately insured, the costs and repairs will fall to you, the business owner.

If, however you are someone who runs a business in a mobile capacity, without any physical locations or offices, then you may not need such an insurance, civil liability covers may suffice for you, depending on your activity and some other factors.

In short, if you have an office, an expo, a shop or even just a warehouse without public access, it’s a good idea to ensure your source of income and protect your potentially costly equipment and stock accordingly.

It’s a lot less costly than you might think. When we think of business insurance, we often jump to the conclusion that the cost of insuring our little office would be extortionate, just because it’s a commercial property. You’d be mistaken however, as out policies are extremely competitive considering the covers we offer and the additional components and services we include that can be quite invaluable in situations of need.

Why should I choose Insurance Cover Spain for my business insurance?

Why should I choose Insurance Cover Spain for my business insurance?Insurance Cover Spain operates within Spain both locally and nationally, with English speaking sales and customer service staff available at all times to help you with your queries Our dedicated team is at your disposal to take as much time as you need. We will always sit down with you to go over every aspect of your business, the products you offer and the risks you are exposed to, to ensure you receive quotes that are customer made to your requirements. We leave no stone unturned and will always give you options that focus on your needs, over offering you generic policies that you might find elsewhere, without considering your personal needs, taking your premises and activities into account.

We’re not only here for you during the sales process. As our client you will always have the ability to contact us for queries or claims, without being directly handed off to call helplines straight away in most cases. We’re not just your broker, we are your primary contact point, always available to help should the need arise.

Our policies also come with lots of extra services included as standard, as well as some additional covers you can opt for when taking them out with us. Not only that but we always have exclusive expat offers and discounts available that you simply will not find anywhere else.

Our base policies comprise of the following covers:

  • Contents
  • Furnishings
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Basic Civil Liability
  • Fire & Explosions

But that’s not all, there are additional option covers you can choose to include, such as:

  • Covers for licencing costs
  • Cover for professional services
  • Archive and document recovery
  • Water damages
  • Expanded covers to include terraces and outside spaces
  • Commercial assistance
  • IT support
  • Aesthetic damages
  • Equipment and machinery breakdown
  • Legal assistance
  • Stored vehicle covers
  • Loss of refrigerated goods

… and many, many more to choose from.

Naturally, we will recommend these additional covers based on your activity, ensuring the policy overall is suitable to what you do. We want to make sure that you can focus on what you do best, while we worry about the rest. Whether you sell property, merchandise, or simply offer remote services online, we’ll ensure that you walk away with only what you need, always adaptable to what you are offering.

Our prices are extremely competitive in the market, and because our policies are made available exclusively for expats, we offer rates that you will not find elsewhere. Additionally, as we are brokers, our interests lie with your needs and not that of the insurance companies.

Don’t forget that if you are already a customer of ours for one of our other insurance covers, we can often apply even better discounts and offers to policies such as these.

Is business insurance the same as civil liability insurance?

While Business insurance does mostly include a variable civil liability cover, individual civil liability insurance policies are generally more comprehensive in the covers offered.

Business insurance focuses more on the premises and its content, as well as the stock you have, ship and store. On the other hand, civil liability cover focuses on the services and products you offer and provides you protection in the event that you become liable for damages caused as a result of your products and services.

Depending on what you do, what products you offer and how you deliver these goods and services, you may or may not need to worry about comprehensive civil liability. On the other hand, if for example your services are mobile without a fixed location, you may be better suited to opt for civil liability on its own without premises cover.

While in some instances you would not need both due to the fact that our business insurance offers variable liability covers as standard, you may wish to speak to one of our advisors about whether separate covers for liability a good idea for you and your business is.

You can also find out more about our civil liability insurance here or by selecting it in our menu.

We don’t believe in hard selling here at Insurance Cover Spain. We, like you, are expats, and our primary focus is to offer services to our fellow expats at reasonable prices all the while ensuring that the product you receive from us is no more and no less than what you need. Our quotes are obligation free, as they should be, and we know that in cases of insurance people like to shop around. For this reason, we’ll always follow up with you once you have gathered all your quotes to go over the differences with you, making sure you are aware, regardless of the policy, of what you are getting and what you are not. Price match options are often also available, so if you see something you like elsewhere but would like to have a dedicated team available to you to help you in your language at all times, we’re always open to trying our hardest to make sure we can match what you are looking for.

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