Civil Liability Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance

Civil Liability insurance services with Insurance Cover Spain

Civil Liability insurance services with Insurance Cover SpainOur expat civil liability insurance is an essential cover for you if you are self-employed, a business owner. The aim of this kind of insurance policy is to ensure that you are not putting your finances and business at risk, should you find yourself in a situation of having to pay for damages accidentally caused by yourself or your company.

In essence, this insurance is primarily for autónomos (self-employed workers) in Spain, and covers material, personal or economic damages that may be caused to third parties accidentally, while working. No matter what you do for a living, there is a potential for mistakes. Nobody is perfect and accidents do happen. Sadly, as a result of these accidents, in most instances, there is some sort of fallout, usually in the form of damages to the belongings of third parties, to their person or indeed the economic impact they suffer as a result of the said accident.

It’s not just accidents that can cause damage to third parties. Depending on what you do for a living, you may give incorrect advice, supply a faulty product, or lose /damage personal belongings or data. No matter what your professional activity is and what you specialise in, there is potential for you to be held liable for damage caused that you might incur.

As a result of these accidents, litigation can occur, where the third party affected could potentially sue for damages in various aspects, as discussed above. In the unfortunate event that this may occur, legal fees and loss of work as a result of hearings can be detrimental to you as a small business owner or a freelancer. Not to forget that aside from these unavoidable costs, you may also be subject to compensating the third party or third parties for their damages, usually in the form of monetary compensation, the cost of which falls to you. While this may seem unfair, especially if an honest mistake leads to such a process, it is a reality of the business world and something we must all be aware of.

This is where our expat civil liability insurance cover comes into play. We offer you cover for legal defence, as well as compensations as standard, with varying limits based on your preferences. As always, we have a wide selection of optional additional covers for you to choose from, and a ton of special prices and offers for our expat business owners here in Spain.

Do I need Civil liability insurance?

Do I need Civil liability insurance?When setting yourself up as a freelancer, or setting up a business, the first thing you should put in place is a civil liability insurance suited to your business activity and risks. That being said, there is no legal obligation for you to have civil liability cover in Spain in most business activities, but that doesn’t mean that it is not strongly recommended, regardless of the nature of your work.

To put it plain and simple, the costs that can be incurred as a result of a civil liability claim can put a small company or freelancer out of business and into a significant amount of debt without this kind of coverage. The costs of our civil liability policies are very reasonable compared to the limits that we cover, with safeguards that can scale beyond €1,000,000 if you feel that you need that level of cover based on the services you render and the products you supply.

Similar to our previous discussion about our home insurance cover, while civil liability may not be mandatory in most cases, it’s a no-brainer to pay a small amount every year for a comprehensive cover, to avoid having to potentially cough up more money than you and your business can afford.

You may be thinking that it would be highly unlikely for you to have such high litigation and compensation costs for your small office in your local town, but you might be wrong. Compensation for damages, depending on their nature and severity, can be in the thousands on their own, not accounting for legal fees, lawyer costs and loss of income during the process as a result of you potentially having to be away from work for meetings and trials, and that’s just in Spain. If you were to be culpable for a civil liability claim outside of your country of residence / business, those figures can skyrocket due to the additional geographical factors as well as the differences in civil liability laws in other parts of Europe.

What does Insurance Cover Spain offer expats in terms of civil liability insurance?

In addition to the standard legal and liability coverage available up to €1,500,000, we offer additional components that you won’t find elsewhere. We are here to assess the nature of the work you do, to be able to recommend extras as required, such as:

  • Water Damage.
  • Civil liability coverage for products shipped.
  • Accidental contamination.
  • Civil Liability for staff in the workplace.
  • And much more.

What does Insurance Cover Spain offer expats in terms of civil liability insurance?All of this is applicable within Spain as well as the rest of the Europe, so that you can rest assured, no matter where your services and products go, you are protected against unexpected costs that may arise.

We want our expat friends here in Spain to be able to live their dream and ensure that their business ventures are adequately protected. Our insurer, Caser Seguros, feels the same way, and this is why they make exclusive prices and offers available for us and our clients.

Additionally, our sales team, customer service and claims department are English speaking, meaning you always have someone to contact in your language in a time of need. Our team is also dedicated to a diligent assessment process prior to recommending a product. We’ll always find out as much information about your circumstances and business as we can, to ensure that the product we recommend to you is suited to your needs.

Is civil liability insurance the same as business insurance?

Is civil liability insurance the same as business insurance?In a word, no. As we have discussed on our Business insurance page, despite both insurances relating to business and autónomos, there are some differences between the two.

Business insurance is primarily aimed at business premises, with protection for stock, equipment and building cover being the key components. Civil liability covers are also available in a variable fashion in these policies, but it is considered to be a more basic component of the overall comprehensive cover. Being insured with a separate civil liability insurance can be a good idea depending on your line of work and the products and services you render to the public.

Our team is available to help you determine which of the two options is best for you, or if indeed you may be best suited to have both policies in place. It really depends on various aspects of your business, such as whether you have an office, shop, or warehouse, whether your establishment is open to the public, and if you sell products, and if so, what the nature of these products are to determine your public liability insurance in Spain.

It’s hard to list the tremendous number of variables that play a part when it comes to deciding what you may need in terms of cover, but we’re always available to discuss all of these details with you, so that you can make an informed decision about your policies.

So, there you have it. Why not get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote today?