Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance services with Insurance Cover SpainDental insurance services with Insurance Cover Spain

Dental insurance is often the most overlooked, as we don’t think about our dental health until something goes wrong. In most cases, it’s a chipped tooth or indeed a stumble or fall that leads to a tooth falling out altogether.

At that point, the first thing we do is contact a dentist. Little do we know, the dentists here are all in the private sector, meaning we suddenly have a bill to pay which can be quite high depending on the examinations and treatments required.

That’s where our expat dental insurances come into play. Our dental insurance covers allow you to rest easy that you won’t have a big bill coming your way, should you need dental treatments to enjoy great oral health. For a price as little as Netflix subscription, you can receive dental treatments, revisions, and examinations without any additional cost, with other treatments at a heavily reduced cost compared to being uninsured.

It’s a complete no-brainer! Whether you see your dentist regularly due to having braces or if you only go once or twice a year for check-ups, the cost of our insurance pays for itself.

Our provider, Caser Seguros provides our customers and us with insurance in Spain with thousands of dental and orthodontic clinics in our vast network as well as our very own Caser dental clinics specifically established to serve our customers. Our network covers all of Spain, so no matter where you are, you’ll have a clinic nearby for you to visit in your time of need.

Isn’t dental included in my public healthcare with my SIP card?

While it is often assumed that dental care is included in the national health services you may be entitled to via your SIP card, that isn’t entirely correct.

While a ‘yes and no’ answer isn’t ideal, we are going to try and explain how some dental treatments are covered by the national health service, and some are not.

Certain emergency treatments are mostly covered by the national health system / social security, such as infections, extraction of broken teeth and wisdom teeth, as well as diagnostic and medication treatments as a result of the aforementioned.

The process, however, is not always as straightforward. You normally have to begin your journey by visiting your general practitioner or family doctor who, should he/she be unable to find a solution to your dental emergency, will refer you to a dentist working with the public health sector or an orthodontist within the hospital for further diagnosis and treatments where possible. This process is not always as quick as simply visiting a private dentist, which is what most people opt for.

Check-ups, aesthetics, and nonemergency treatments are not usually covered by public sector dental care in Spain, meaning you can rely only on a public service dentist in cases of emergency or serious discomfort and pain resulting from things like infections or broken teeth.

Generally, most basic dental services, including check-ups, are covered by the national health and social security service for minors, but that again depends on the situation and availability.

Some special programs are set up in the autonomous communities of Spain for certain campaigns meaning that access to dentists for these specific matters can be temporarily covered. These are not permanent however and are also set-up and run at the discretion of the autonomous communities, meaning that not all campaigns are universal across the country at any given time.

In summary, while there is such a thing as a public dental service, it is mainly destined for emergency treatments and extractions unless you are a minor.

Why should I take out dental insurance? Why should I take out dental health insurance? 

Dental health is as important as your general health, and with somewhat limited options in the public sector, it’s a good investment to take out our dental cover, as the costs are very low to get insured.

With the potential costs for dental treatments in Spain being quite high, many people avoid going to the dentist or, at the very least, don’t go as frequently as they should. This is why our expats dental covers are so great, as they cost very little, less than €10 per month in most cases.

Dental treatments on a fully private paying basis have varying costs from one practice to another and depending on the treatment you receive. It’s difficult to give examples of costs for this reason, but on average, a full check-up with an x-ray and without any treatment can cost up to €50 per visit, which would be free when covered by one of our dental policies.

With all this in mind, thanks to our covers, you’ll immediately have access to dental diagnostics and treatments, including aesthetics, without any exclusion periods and regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Our policies are available to everyone of all ages, with family dental plans also available for those who wish to cover their whole family. Our coverage reaches the whole of Spain with our collaborating dental practices as well as our own specialist dental clinics. Not only that, but you also have access to emergency treatments while abroad, so that even on holiday you can rest assured that your pearly whites are protected no matter where you are.

Once you are insured with us, you’ll have no reason to delay seeing your local dentist and can rest assured that your check-ups are covered, and most treatments also, with the remainder heavily discounted thanks to our agreements with dentists nationwide. We have a comprehensive list of dental practises and treatment prices, so that you always know where to turn should the need arise. We’re also always available for you to contact directly with any queries, and we can tend to you in English to boot.

Our quotes are always stress & commitment-free

We like to keep our relationship with our clients relaxed, and we don’t like to partake in hard-selling practices. That’s why our quotes are commitment free, and we always give you time to look over our covers and ask as many questions as you need to ask before making your decision to become a client of ours.

If your cover is not for you, you just need to let us know, and we’ll do our very best to see if we can adapt it better to your needs. And if we ultimately can’t offer you what you are looking for, that’s totally fine too!