Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance services with Insurance Cover Spain

Our health insurance policies, provided by Caser Seguros offer a variety of different levels of cover, suited to your needs.

From basic and full covers all the way up to co-payment and reimbursement policies, we can tailor a policy for you and your family that suits your situation and requirements. Our list of medical teams and collaborating centres is extremely vast and spans across the entire country with more than forty-five thousand healthcare professionals at your disposal.

Not only do we have customisable covers, but our agents, healthcare professionals and customer services are available in your language, meaning you always have someone to talk to, without having to worry about language barriers.

Thanks to our expat program, we have access to exclusive discounts and offers that you won’t find anywhere else. We exist solely for the purpose of providing our services to expats, as this is what we specialise in.

Additionally, unlike some insurance companies we also include dental cover in some of our policies. Giving you access to treatments such as surgery, orthodontics and prothesis, something that isn’t always included and usually comes at an additional cost to be added on.

Why should I take private insurance?

PrivateWhile Spain does offer a public healthcare system to those eligible, it is only available to those who are working, receiving a pension, or paying for the pleasure themselves. A lot of our expats are in situations where they are not entitled to public health for a multitude of reasons. This is why private health cover is always a good idea, instead of essentially living without access to healthcare at all.

In many instances, those who opt to pay for access to the public healthcare system, pay about the same amount of money to the state compared to a private health insurance premium. Bearing in mind that you are paying to effectively access the same quality of service provided to everyone else, with the same waiting times and service, it only makes sense to look at other options in the private sector. Why pay for something, when you can pay the same for a more tailored, personal service with less waiting times, often in your own language to boot.

Another major benefit to private vs. public cover, is that you generally have a far less congested healthcare system, which in turn leads to less waiting times. This gives you access to professionals and specialists that you would often times need to wait much longer for in the public system.

Privately funded healthcare centres and hospitals also have a wider variety of equipment and treatments, that the public healthcare system doesn’t always have the funding for. Thanks to this, you can receive the most pioneering treatments and rest assured that your being cared for by some of the best healthcare professionals in the world with the best equipment at their disposal to do so, should you or a member of family ever be in the unfortunate situation of falling ill.

Health cover for residency

ResidencyIf you are applying for residency in Spain, regardless of your country of origin, you need to show proof of health cover. If you are moving here without immediate employment, or access to a state pension and an S1 health cover form, you are going to need private health insurance.

Insurance Cover Spain have years of experience with expats applying for residency in Spain and the obligations to qualify, one of the key requirements being health cover. What you may not know is that not just any policy will do, the cover has to be specific and without limitations. We offer policies specifically tailored to the process of applying for residency. Not only that but our team know exactly what the department of immigration looks for in an insurance policy. You can rest assured then, that we will tailor your cover to meet these criteria.

Are you applying for a visa before moving to Spain? If so then you also need to show a comprehensive health cover for you and your family, which we can help you with even before you come to Spain. Perhaps you are a UK national applying for a Non-Lucrative or Entrepreneurs Visa. In this case you will be making your application not the Spanish embassy before coming here. That’s where we come in, to issue you a policy from here, without you even needing to be in Spain. We take all of your details and issue you a policy, all online, all remotely and all hassle-free.

Our quotes are commitment-free

If you are interested in receiving a quote from us, all you need to do is fill in our contact form. We will get in touch with you to gather any additional details we may need for your quote and will contact you by phone or email to let you.

We will only ask you for the most basic information required to provide you a valid quote. If you decide to go ahead, we will at that point arrange to collect the additional details required.