Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike insurance services in English in Spain!

When it comes to motorbike insurance, we believe that only the best cover will do. That’s why we offer incomparable policies with outstanding extras including our lifesaving ‘ReMoto’ accident detection device.

Motorbikes provide a sense of freedom that no other vehicle can offer, and we want you to be able to enjoy that freedom without worrying about the eventualities and where to turn for assistance.

No matter your needs, our team will ensure that your policy is built to suit you, with both you and your precious two wheeler’s safety in mind.

What kind motorbike insurance covers exist?

Similar to our car insurance policies there are 4 main levels of cover that you can chose from.


ThirdpartyWith third party cover, you meet the minimum legal obligations relating to insurance cover in Spain. You are covered for civil liability, which means that expenses incurred for damages to third party vehicles and personal damages fall to us, rather than to you personally. This cover also includes other basic features such as legal defence. It’s important to be aware that with this cover, damages to your own vehicle or health are not included. For this reason, we rarely recommend this level of cover to our customers, at least not without them being fully aware of the implications.

Third Party with Fire and Theft

Third Party with Fire and TheftThis level of cover is essentials exactly the same as normal third party. As the name suggests however, two additional features are included here, those being covers for fire caused to or theft of your vehicle. Unlike basic third-party where no personal damages are covered, in this instance of your bike being damaged by fire or stolen, your premium will include claims for this, meaning you will be able to receive a pay-out in line with your vehicles book value.

Fully Comprehensive with Excess

Fully Comprehensive with ExcessBy taking fully comprehensive cover, you are essentially fully covered in almost any event of an accident or breakdown, even if the cause is not the fault of a third-party. Unlike third-party covers, your own damages are covered within your premium, above and beyond fire and theft. If you unfortunately damaged your motorbike, be that accidentally or due to an accident that is considered your fault, you can make a claim to us for the repair of your bike. When talking about excess, you chose an amount of money that you contribute toward any claim that you make. This is voluntary and entirely your choice. You generally get several options ranging from €100 – €600. The amount you chose to contribute is what you will pay towards your claim with the rest being covered by us. The main reason for you to choose this option is to have the fully comprehensive option available to you, while reducing your annual premium. The higher the chosen excess the lower the annual insurance cost will be.

Fully Comprehensive without Excess

Fully Comprehensive without ExcessLike we covered in the previous fully comprehen- sive option, this is the highest level of cover avail- able for users, where not matter the claim, be it for accidents, breakdowns, or personal damages, we have you covered. Not only that but in this particular version of fully comprehensive, you do not pay any excess for your claims. This level of cover is highly recommended for all users, espe- cially those with newer or higher value motor- bikes, so at to mitigate the potential costs of repairs and replacements. however, so allow us to detail the main differences:

How do I know what motorbike I can drive and what level of cover I can take?

There are 4 type of motorbike licences in Spain, that can be obtained at different ages and years of experience:

  • AM Category (>15 years)

This category is available to anyone over the age of 15 and entitles you to drive motor and electric 2 or 3 wheeled bikes with engine sizes up to 50 cubic centimetres, as well as 4 wheeled light vehicles (aka. microcars) weighing no more than 350kg. Electric and engine powered vehicles alike cannot supersede a power output of 4kw.

Obtaining this licence requires you to pass a medical, multiple-choice theory and practical driving tests. Usually, the highest level of insurance available for this particular kind of vehicle is third party (civil liability) , both due to the fact that these scooters and small engine motorbikes are driven by younger individuals, and that these vehicles are often deemed as high risk when considering higher levels of cover due to how often these vehicles are stolen.

  • A1 Category (>16 years)

Holding this licence entitles you to drive motorbikes and 3/ 4 wheeled vehicles with a maximum engine size of 125 cubic centimetres with a maximum power output of 11KW. It’s important to note that, additional to the power conditions, the vehicle weight to power ratio cannot be higher than 0.1 KW/KG.

In order to obtain this licence, you must be at least 16 years of age and pass a medical, theory, closed circuit, speed, and balance driving test as well as an open road practical test combined. If you hold a B category (car) driving licence for three years or more, you are automatically entitled to drive A1 category vehicles in Spain without the need for additional examinations.

Regarding insurance for A1 class vehicles, usually the highest cover usually available is third-party, fire & theft. Fully comprehensive is not usually available in this category, again due to the age at which these vehicles can be driven.

  • A2 Category (>18 years)

The A2 driving licence category permits you to drive more powerful motorbikes compared to the previously mentioned. The maximum power for vehicles in this category is 35KW, with the ratio being a maximum of 0.2 KW/KG. This increase in ratio allows for potentially higher-powered vehicles to be driven, providing that they are restricted.

The testing requirements for this particular driving licence similar to the aforementioned A1 category, include a medical aptitude test as well as the circuit and open-road practical driving test. When it comes to the theory tests, there are two kinds that need to be passed, these being a general theory test as well as a specific theory test. If, however you hold a B class driving licence, you can ‘validate’ your theory test, essentially skipping the first test, leaving you with only the specific theory test to pass, aside from the practical tests.

When it comes to insurance cover for motorbikes that fall into the A2 category, we see the first category where higher levels of cover are available. In most cases, you can take cover as high as fully comprehensive, without excess. This is mainly due to the fact that drivers of these vehicles are over 18 in any case and in most instances have some driving experience under their belt already.

  • A Category (> 20 years + A2)

Here we finally arrive at the full motorbike licence, where there are no limitations to engine size or power output, including AM and A1 class vehicles as well as three-wheeler bikes with a power output above 15KW (so long as you are over 21). Setting the trikes aside, you need to be 20 years of at least to obtain this licence with a few other caveats.

In order to test for the A category, you must already have the previously discussed A2 category with 2 years of driving experience holding it. If you do not have this category, you will need to first go through that testing process. The testing is similar as the previous categories with the main difference being that the testing consists of a 9-hour theory/ practical combination including some advanced driving aspects such as emergency stops. Naturally, this gives us an idea as to why drivers testing for this category need to have previous driving experience.

All levels of insurance are available for vehicles in this higher category, up to and including fully comprehen- sive, naturally including fire and theft. Bearing in mind that the option for excess exists, in order to help reduce the annual premium that comes with it.

Why choose Insurance Cover Spain for your pride and joy?

Why choose Insurance Cover Spain for your pride and joy?We know from personal experience how liberating it feels to be on two wheels. We are also aware of the potential dangers that come with driving the types of vehicles. Unlike driving cars, the driver and passengers are not enclosed, which is why motorcyclists are considered the most vulnerable road users (along with cyclists).

This is why our award-winning Caser insurance policies come with safety in the forefront, starting with nationwide roadside assistance, medical assistance including for passengers and our pioneering ReMoto accident detection device:

ReMoto is a small device that we supply, which can be installed in/ on your motorbike without any complicated wiring or attachments. This little device, which is available to all users, is both a geolocation system with impact detection built in.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, where the driver and/ or passengers and alone on the road and incapacitated or unable to call for assistance themselves, our revolutionary device automatically detects that an accident has occurred and notifies our service centre. Combining this with our ReMoto app, our emergency team will attempt to contact you. If you do not respond our team will automatically determine your GPS location and send emergency services to that location.

This tiny device has the potential to save lives. What would you do if you were unable to contact anyone in an accident, what if you were incapacitated with an urgent need for medical assistance? With us you needn’t worry, as we’ll keep you safe, providing you help even when you can’t ask for it yourself.

Naturally, we also have exclusive expat offers and discounts available at Insurance Cover Spain, that you won’t find anywhere else, along with our personal experience. We’ll cater your policy to what suits you, ensuring you are clear about what we have to offer you, with all this in your language from start to finish. We’re also here to help when you have a problem or a query about your existing policy, so that you always have someone to turn to, should the need arise.

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