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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance from Insurance Cover Spain

Our furry babies are a huge part of our lives. Particularly with expats in Spain, our pets are considered to be a big part of the family, with some treating them as if they were their children, and rightly so! Spain is a very pet friendly nation, in fact,  according to statistics, over 40% of Spanish households have at least one pet. The majority of household pets in Spain are made up of dogs, followed by cats.

It’s a given that we want nothing but the best for our four-legged friends, be that when it comes to their food, treats and toys ,or when it comes to their health and wellbeing. We all know that we would spare no expense to help our pets if tragedy struck and they fell ill, but what we sometimes do not consider, is just how much of an expense veterinarian bills can be, particularly in emergency and critical care.

Our pet insurance covers come with a wide array of extras, above and beyond the veterinary aspect itself. Our policies come with no extra fees for consultations, A&E, check-ups, and rabies vaccinations. Those tests and procedures that are not fully covered, still come with reduced pricing by up to 40% comparative to regular pricing, based on studies conducted by our provider Caser Seguros conducted at a nation level.

We currently insure both cats and dogs, regardless of age, breed, or their current conditions. This also includes dog breeds that are considered dangerous, which, even if you have a basic pet cover that is sometimes included in home insurance policies, are normally excluded from their policies.

Were totally flexible, even if your pet is not currently chipped, it’s no problem because this would be the first thing to be done at the vets when taking out your pet insurance policy with us. We also offer flexible payment options for the policy, with quarterly and biannual payments as well as the traditional annual method, all without an increment in the annual premium.

24-hour emergency contact line

With our pet insurance policies, you have 24/7 365 emergency contact point at  your disposal with which you will be put straight through to a veterinary professional to assess your situation and indicate an emergency centre for you to take your pet, should it be necessary.

You may find that most vet centres close in the evenings and it is not always clear who to contact in case of an emergency, particularly at night. For this reason, our hotline can be crucial, as you do not need to spend time trying to find a centre that is open and indeed immediately get to speak with a professional who can advise what you may need to do at home or if they feel you need to visit a local centre. Everything can be in place within minutes from making the call, allowing you to focus on your pet and avoid additional stress during such a difficult time. All of this, and the costs of the emergency visit are covered by your policy.

Why should I worry about pet insurance? 

It is estimated that pet owners spend around €350 on vet bills annually, that is not including emergency treatments. €350 is a considerable amount of money in today’s climate, and for some households, this puts considerable strain on their funding. Due to the nature of the expenses involved here, it’s not really a negotiable budget, it’s for our pets, our babies! Even though these expenses are potentially predictable as they consist of mostly reoccurring appointments for jabs, grooming and check-ups, but what about the unexpected vet visits?

Inconceivable as it is, sometimes our fluffiest family members become unwell. Sometimes accidents occur and urgent care is needed. Emergency vet visits, tests and surgical intervention can come with unexpectedly high costs, which we will be inclined to pay in these situations as we want to help our pet. These costs can be debilitating after the fact, especially when considering that aftercare, medication and wound treatments can also come into play.

It’s for this reason, that pet insurance is a fantastic idea. As it not only covers medical expenses, but we include many extra features, such a 24-hour hotline for emergency vet visits, where we guide you to the nearest centre and the ability to speak to a vet over the phone in more pressing situations. And when talking about costs, compared to the costs we have discussed above, our comprehensive covers come in at less than half the previously discussed average spending per year.

Our Cover includes many invaluable extras

Everything we have mentioned so far, no doubt sounds great to you, but we aren’t done yet. There are a bunch of other extras that come as part of our pet policies such as;

Civil liability cover

Civil liability coverWe include civil liability in our policies. In the event that your pet causes harm or damage to another individual or their belongings, you won’t need to worry about the cost that may be involved in making things right, all covers include €180,000 civil liability, so that you can rest easy, even if an unfortunate accident were to happen.

Discounts on multi-pet cover

Discounts on multi-pet coverWhen insuring multiple pets, we can offer a discount of up-to 30% per pet, as well as offering the option to pay every 3 or 6 months, as well as the traditional 12 month option.

Advice & Placement Services

Advice & Placement ServicesOur dedicated telephone placement and location services assist you in your day-to-day life with your pets as well as when travelling with them. The helpline can help you with organising international travel with pets as well as make you aware of regulations and documents that may be required. They also offer bookings for non-veterinary services such as kennels and grooming, with up to a 10% discount, if the centre belongs to our network. Not only that but they can assist you in finding hotels in Spain that are pet friendly, finding dog-walkers and feeding services. Most importantly, they assist in notifying the corresponding authorities in the event of your pet going missing.

All of this and more is made available to you from the day you take out the policy, with no exclusions or stipulations regarding your pets’ general condition or age. With prices starting at just €199 per year, and discounts available for multi-pet cover, protecting your best friend and ensuring their wellbeing has never been easier.