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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance with Insurance Cover Spain

Holidays and travel are usually the highlight of everyone’s year. It is estimated that an average of €1000 per family per year on holidays and travel. This number can be significantly higher if these trips are longer or further away from home.

The money we spend on travel is not insignificant and many households work hard all year savings up for that week or two at their favorite holiday destinations. This is why travel insurance is so important, because, as much as we wish it didn’t, incidents and unexpected problems can arise on your way to, during or on your way home from your trip.

For this reason, we offer very competitive travel insurance policies, tailored to almost any kind of trip you can book, with an array of extra coverages you won’t find anywhere else at rates that are fair, without losing out on the special extras.

Our policies don’t just come with all the bells and whistles, our provider, Caser Seguros, also has their own in-house 24/7 contact centre for you to be able to get the assistance you need, fast. The team at the emergency contact centre specialise in emergencies while abroad and are able to offer you support, and personalized solutions based on the situation you may find yourself in.

We also have special protocols for people with reduced mobility, to ensure that their trip is, fully accessible, hinderance free and has a carefully planned out plans of action based on the special assistance they may need.

Our coverages start form as little as 9€ depending on the duration and destination of your journey.

Why would I need to have travel insurance? 

While there is indeed no obligation to have travel insurance and it’s possible that on previous trips you didn’t opt for any, it’s always a good idea to spend a little extra on your holiday overall and include cover to ensure that in the event of a problem, you aren’t stranded having to use your own devices and funding to ensure you get the help you need.

Of course, we don’t wish to gaslight you and your travel plans, but several things can occur while on holiday abroad. Things like a medical emergency, a dental emergency, early return due to illness, language barriers, or the loss or theft of luggage can creep up on your when you least expect it and these issues can be costly, difficult to maneuver in a foreign country and sometimes there are just no resources where you are to address this issues.

As rare and as unlikely as these occurrences are, they do happen to thousands of travelers each year. While that is a small percentage, it’s not to be ignored.

Another lesser discussed aspect of travel is your own civil liability, in the event that you cause damage or harm to someone or their property due to negligence. In these instances, you are liable for the cost of these damages, unless otherwise insured by the affected in question. This is why we include civil liability in our claims, so that even if you do make a mistake, you won’t be out of pocket, ruining an otherwise fantastic holiday.

It’s extremely important to know that, while here at home, you know that in the event of an accident that isn’t your fault, you are entitled to certain compensations and you have certain rights to ensure you are treated fairly, not every country in the world has these same laws and policies, it can vary significantly, especially if you travel outside of Europe.

For all these reasons, taking the initiative to protect yourself and your friends or family before your trip is crucial, allowing you to then simply enjoy the time away and get some well-deserved downtime, however you decide to spend it.

Different options suited to your trip

Our covers vary widely in order to encumber any kind of trip you may have planned. We have covers that are specific to your needs based on the trip you are planning:


Standard Travel Insurance

Standard Travel Insurance

Our straightforward travel insurance will apply to most trips that you are planning. These policies give you cover in Spain, Europe or worldwide depending on your needs and include all the necessities to make sure you are safe while aboard, including health cover, repatriation, extensions due to illness, accommodation transfers for relatives, interpreting services in the event of an emergency, early return, baggage handling, cover on public transport and much more.

This kind of cover is designed for one-off trips up to 90 days consecutively, and can be taken out anytime form the date of booking right up to the day before you travel, so don’t worry if you have already booked, we can still provide you with cover.

Cancelation Insurance

Cancelation Insurance

This is a very specific cover relating solely to the event of cancelation of your journey. While this is partially covered in our standard travel insurance, we also offer this specific cover that entitles you, the traveller, to refunds or reimbursements in the event that you are unable to attend to your travel obligations.

As we all know, certain bookings are non-refundable and regardless of how you try, you will either need to pay up for a certain aspect of your journey, such as hotel bookings, flights or experience days, regardless of whether you ultimately attend or not.

Not only that but in the event of you having to return home early due to illness or an accident, we can offer you reimbursement for unused travel time.  

Annual Multi-Journey Insurance

Annual Multi-Journey Insurance

Some people travel a lot more than once a year. For those who are lucky enough to have these opportunities, we offer annual and 6 monthly policies that will cover various journeys or longer consecutive journeys if required, with all the bells and whistles that our other travel policies offer.


Cruise Insurance

Cruise Insurance

We have specific policies tailor made for people who enjoy a cruise. Our general policies do not usually cover travel on a cruise ship, so if that’s the plan for your holidays this season, then we’ve got the cover for you!

We have fixed rates for our cruising customers, with cover that includes all of our usual travel policies’ aspects but with a more precise look at possible problems that can occur on board, thus giving you many extras such as special medical cover for both on board and on land as well as cancelations for 26 of the most common and less likely reasons included.

When should I request my travel insurance to be issued?

There is no deadline for applying for the insurance as such, but it cannot be taken out before booking the trip, nor after you have started your journey. In short that means that you can take out one of our policies between the date of booking and the day before your scheduled to travel.

One thing that does have a time limitation is the cancelation component of all the policies. In order to be able to take advantage of the reimbursement for cancelations, you must take out the policy with us no later than 48 hours after purchasing your travel tickets.

If you decide to take the policy out after the 48h have passed, we cannot guarantee that a claim in the event of a cancelation can be honoured. That being said, this is the only aspect of our policies with limitation revolving around timing. All other policies and characteristics of their covers are not limited or conditional to when you decide to take the policy out.

So why not get in touch?

Both our sales and customer service team are here to help you find the policy that works for you. We will always ensure that we have asked enough questions about the nature of the cover you need before making recommendations.

Our claims department and 24/7 emergency contact centre are also available at any time, should the need for assistance arise.

We want you to enjoy your holidays, without having to worry about eventualities or indeed deal with a difficult situation alone, while abroad. So we’re here to make sure you come home as relaxed as can be, with plenty stories, pictures and memories that will stay with you forever.